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#Why not Docker for SourceHut?

The use of Docker, k8s, etc, is strongly discouraged for sr.ht installations. Consult the official installation docs instead.

So, why not Docker?

  1. The installation procedure acquaints you with the system which you will be expected to maintain. With Docker, your understanding of the system would be lacking, and you'd be poorly positioned to maintain it.
  2. SourceHut is not a one-size-fits-all, plug-and-play deployment procedure. The admin will be asked to use a lot of discretion to tweak the installation to their particular needs.
  3. The same is true of our dependencies — managing PostgreSQL, Redis, worker clusters, and so on, is not trivial and has a lot of room for sysadmin judgement calls. To make these calls, you need to grok the system, and not take shortcuts.
  4. Docker encourages your installation to rapidly and dangerously grow out-of-date. It's also overcomplex, brittle, and bloated — further reducing security and stability.

Docker is easy, but it's not good. Please don't use it.